Indonesia National Team on 17th WKC 2018

Indonesia National Team on  17th WKC 2018

After years long training and selection process, Indonesia Kendo Association is finally ready to announce our selection for the Indonesia Kendo National Team members for the upcoming 17th World Kendo Championship at Incheon City, South Korea on September 14 – 16 2018.


The selected national team members are as follows,


Men’s Team:
1 – Jesta GHANDAMA (C), from Jakarta
2 – Erman ARDIANTO, from Surabaya
3 – Teguh RIANTO, from Jakarta
4 – Marcel OESMAN, from Jakarta
5 – Fransiskus BUNTARAN, from Singapore
6 – Teddy MARTONO, from Malang
7 – Irsan KUSUMA, from Singapore
8 – M. Yusuf Poenta LEKSONO, from Surabaya


Women’s Team:
1 – Neglasari MARTINI (C), from Jakarta
2 – Fifi Afifa ANDY, from Jakarta
3 – Melissa Jocelyne DJAP, from Singapore
4 – Elisa MEIDIANA, from Jakarta
5 – Derralita Heidi NURHADI, from Surabaya
6 – Putri OCTAVIA, from Jakarta
7 – Yossy Vella GHEASANTA, from Malang

We would like to congratulate the selected members for their hard work and achievement for making it as member of Indonesia National Team.

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