Hasil Jakarta Japan Matsuri Kendo Tournament 2011

Hasil Jakarta Japan Matsuri Kendo Tournament 2011
credit: kendojogja

(from IKA Group on FB)

This year, there were over 80 competitors from regional Kendo organization in Indonesia, affiliated with Indonesia Kendo Association (IKA).

Tournament Date/Time:
18 September 2011 (Sunday), 09:00 am – 01.00 pm

Jakarta Japanese School, Bintaro, Tangerang

1. Kids Individual
2. Women’s Individual
3. Men’s Kyu Individual
4. Men’s Dan Individual
5. 5-members Team



1st: Makoto Morisaki ( Jakarta Kenyukai)
2nd: Moeda Atsushi (Jakarta Kenyukai)
3rd: M. Yusuf Poenta (Suroboyo Kenyuukai)

Women Individual
1st: Fiddina Mediola (Yogyakarta Kendo Association)
2nd: Fifi Afifa Andy (Jakarta Kendo Association)
3rd: Fika Firlianty (Jakarta Kendo Association)

Men’s Kyu Individual
1st: Benny Indra (Malang)
2nd: Valentinus Prasetya (Bandung Kendo Federation)
3rd: Aditya Iman (Suroboyo Kenyuukai)

Men’s Dan Individual
1st: Pandu Tresnalaga (Jakarta Kendo Association)
2nd: Mokok Heri Wahyudi (Suroboyo Kenyuukai)
3rd: Novan (Bandung Kendo Federation)

5-members Team
1st: JKA Team A
2nd: JKA Team B
3rd: SBY Team A

Thank you to all Competitors, The Japan Embassy, Jak Japan Matsuri Committe, Jakarta Japan Club and Jakarta Kenyukai.


Kendoka, Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia


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